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Attractions in and around the Whakatane area

There is just so much to do in the Whakatane area once you have managed to book your Whakatane car hire. Some of the popular things to see and do are:

  • Tourists can fly to White Island, where they have the option to swim with dolphins and seals. They can also go scuba diving here, which is the considered to be one of the best dive sites on the planet.
  • Visitors can also go on walks, rediscovering old Maori Pa sites, which have landmarks. Ohope Beach is also a secluded water resort one can go and relax, which is located about fifteen minutes away from Whakatane.
  • Tourists would absolutely love going to the Whakatane Observatory to observe the beautiful night sky and in the morning can go golfing on the Ohope Golf Course, which is located about twenty minutes away from Whakatane.