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Fascinating routes and destinations in Westport

Filled with natural wonder, Westport offers a great deal of tourist destinations to soak in the natural beauty, allowing you to look in awe at its grandeur. Therefore, just book your rental car at the Westport Airport, hop in, and drive around one of many spots around Westport for a fun-filled experience. A couple of the few popular destinations are listed below:

  • Have you often wondered what lies beneath the Earth’s surface? Westport has the answer for you. Only five minutes from the centre of Westport, Underground Adventures awaits you. Take the train into the underground caverns of Westport for an exhilarating adventure. Experience underground rafting and explore the Charleston Glow Worm Cave. Marvel at the wonders of nature perfectly preserved for years. This exciting opportunity is an essential stop on one of your drives around Westport.
  • Enriched with an interesting history, Westport used to be a coal town. Visit the Coaltown Museum, only five minutes from the centre, for true-to-life depictions and displays from yesteryear. From the large thundering wagons to the famous Denniston Incline, the Coaltown Museum offers an interesting and informative tour for all those interested in the mining heritage.