Save by Comparing Cheap Wellington Ferry Terminal Car Rental

Find cheap rental cars at the Wellington Ferry Terminal that will help you save the next time you need a rental. The Ferry Terminal provides a wide selection of cheap rental cars from all of the main rental providers, so you can be rest assured that the quality of hire cars is high. Whether you are heading up the north Island, or traveling down to the south island, the cheap rental cars at the Wellington Ferry Terminal will help you get there.

Compare Cheap Car Hire in and around Wellington Ferry Terminal

This location is a perfect pick up spot for many tourists visiting the south island. Most of the cheap car hire providers at the Wellington Ferry Terminal are open early, so if you are an early bird you can get the most out of your day. The car hire is usually cheap from Wellington Ferry Terminal, which will leave you with more cash in your pocket so you can spend more on the attractions in the area. What are the attractions, you ask? We have noted the most popular attractions below.

Popular Attractions Close to Wellington Ferry Terminal

Whether you are a seasoned Wellington local or new to the area, there are plenty of attractions to keep you busy. The most popular attractions are noted below, so make sure you check some of them out after you get your cheap rental car from the Wellington Ferry Terminal.

  • Visit the South Island via a cruise over the Cook Strait. With picturesque scenery, great service and big screen movies (for free!), this attractoion is popular with many international travellers. There is the option of up to four return trips a day, so pick and choose your times if you want to get back in time for dinner.
  • Enjoy the great outdoors In Wellington. It is surrounded by many hills and a notoriously rugged coastline with great surf. Adventure activities around the Wellington Ferry Terminal include bushwalking, mountain biking, surfing, sailing and more.

Cheapest Car Hire – How to Get the Most out of your Trip to Wellington

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