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Tourist attractions in Timaru

Take your pick of any cheap car hire vehicle, and be on your way in minutes. A couple of possible popular destinations in Timaru are listed below:

  • A well-reputed, popular, and globally acclaimed facility, the Aigantighe Art Museum boasts a wide assortment of exhibitions and programmes within a few minutes from the centre of Timaru. Within New Zealand, this museum is responsible for initiating many other pioneering art expos and programmes, which attribute their success from it. If you happen to appreciate good art and have a taste for finesse, then this is the place for you.
  • The most popular, historic, and delicious of New Zealand’s beers are manufactured from the home of DB Draught Brewery just 15 minutes from Tauranga. It also hosts tours, which take you through the factory, and shows off the entire brewing process, packaging of the products, and their ingredients. Ever proud of its heritage, the DB Draught Brewery still keeps its old wagons that will take you through a trip in time to show off how beer was brewed in the good old days.