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Attractions in and Around Timaru Airport

After you have picked up your car from cheap car hire at the Timaru Airport, go around and explore places in Timaru. We have handpicked a number of attractions to make your trip more fun and exciting:

  • Come and explore the stories of the Ngai Tahu with the assistance of local guides from the Te Ana Maori Rock Art Centre, just a few minutes from the centre of Timaru. By engaging in the traditional flax-weaving activities, you can create your very own work of art. Witness how the past intersects with the present in the most amazing collection of ancient Maori rock art in New Zealand.
  • Timaru Botanic Gardens were established in 1864. They are located about 5 minutes from the centre of Timaru. It constitutes an important part of the heritage of Timaru. Boasting 30 plant collections and an arboretum with many threatened species, the Botanic Gardens are a unique opportunity for a day out activity. The gardens, located near Queen Street, are open all year round from 8am until dusk.
  • DB Draught Brewery is home to the most iconic beer brands such as Export Gold and Tui in New Zealand. It is located about 15 minutes from Timaru centre. Guided tours provide an informative and intimate experience of the beer crafts. The tours would acquaint you with the entire brewing process starting with the raw ingredients to the bottling line, and ending with packaging. No tour is complete without a divine sampling of the freshly brewed beer from their well-stocked shop.