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Popular destinations in New Plymouth

Filled with cultural centers and spectacular natural views, New Plymouth by road is an amazing experience for all tourists and locals. Within short driving distances from the airport, New Plymouth offers fun-filled activities and fascinating spots for everyone. Listed below are a few popular destinations within the city:

  • Want to explore the past, present and future of the Taranaki region? Come visit the Pure Ariki Museum. Only a couple of minutes from New Plymouth, the Pure Ariki Museum offer a wide range of fascinating exhibits and interesting displays for tourists. An informative visit to the Pure Ariki Museum will keep any tourist fascinated, and they can find out more about the Taranaki region.
  • Roughly one-hour drive south of New Plymouth, on the Surf Highway 45, takes you to a small coastal town known as Opunake. With a thriving diary industry, the town offers a wide range of cheeses and similar products to those with a wanting palette. The town also provides safe swimming and artificial reefs for tourists to explore. Therefore, jump in your car and visit the town. It is an essential experience for any tourist visiting the region.