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Kerikeri Airport – Attractions Nearby

If you are new to the area, or a local who is looking for something to do, then be sure to check out our recommendations below.

  • Skydive – Situated right next to the Kerikeri Airport, Skydive Zone can take you thousands of feet into the air, and throw you out of a plane! Great for adrenaline junkies and modest sightseers alike, view the fantastic aerial views in the Bay of Islands and the rush of falling 12000 feet with a parachute on. Highly recommended! Also, seeing as its right next to the Kerikeri Airport, why not try something new and get the blood pumping?
  • Coastal Drive – The coast line north of Kerikeri is fantastic and breath-taking. Be sure to take your cheap rental car form the Kerikeri Airport up north and view some of the picturesque beaches. Don’t forget your camera either.
  • Deep Sea Fishing – With several charter companies in the Kerikeri area, why not spend some of your time off the road, and in the water with an experienced fisherman. You can catch yourself some increduble fish in Northland’s waters, and with the marina only a short drive from the Kerikeri Airport, what have you got to loose? Try deep sea fishing today, and land the catch of the day!