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For those of you who have no idea about Gisborne, it’s named after the early Colonial Secretary William Gisborne, who we are sure would have also been interested in getting the cheapest rates on car rental (if he was alive in this day and age). Make sure you don’t miss out on getting cheap rates on car rental when you visit Gisborne. Just think of all the amazing things you can do with the money saved by getting a cheap deal on a Gisborne hire car! Finding it hard to think of things to do? Not to worry, because here at Compare Car Hire, we have it covered. Check out our list of top to do items for when you hire a car from Gisborne.

Top Attractions in Gisborne

  • Check out the East Cape Lighthouse – With a fantastic drive to boot, the Lighthouse is a popular a hike that you want to bring your camera on.
  • Dive Tatapouri – a truely amazing experience, Dive Tatapouri will leave you with a refreshing view on New Zealand’s underwater environment. Experience feeding the sting rays and walking along the reef. This is an activity that can cater for the whole family, so make sure you get down there and have a great time with the stingrays!
  • Surfit Boat Charter – Get out of your comfort zone and experience sharks up close and personal with the protection of a shark cage. Shark season is usually between November through to March, so if you are in Gisborne during this time, make sure you give Boyd a call and experience Mako sharks and Blue sharks, or if you aren’t that brave, you can always go on a fishing tour as well. Very highly recommended!