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Recommended Activities While in Gisborne

  • Visit Hackfalls Arboretum and Garden at Tiniroto – Only 62km from Gisborne and located on 100 acres of New Zealand native trees, shrubbery and lakes, Hackfalls Arboretum and Garden at Tiniroto is a fantastic place to reconnect with nature, take the kids and relax in natural beauty. Part protected space, part sheep and cattle station, visit here to experience picturesque views and landscapes. It is open daily, make sure you bring your camera.
  • The Milton Vineyard – A must for wine lovers, the Milton Vineyard is a fantastic location with friendly staff and fantastic wine! This is a favourite spot for many locals and tourists alike, add this to your to-do list when visiting Gisborne.
  • The Rere Rockslide – Are you ready for some fun? Head down to the Rere Rockslide and experience over 60m of natural rock with fresh water running over it that flows into a beautiful lagoon. Fun for the whole family, slip and slide down the river on a tyre or a board and experience the fun that the river has to offer. Heaps of fun – highly recommended! Also, bring a picnic as this is best spent with half a day there.