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Dunedin Attractions & Recommendations

If you are new to the area, then have a look below at our recommendations on the best places to visit while in Dunedin. With so many things to see and do, your cheap Dunedin rental car will take you there and back with no issues.

  • Signal Hill – Well worth the drive, experience sensational views across Dunedin and the harbour. This is a popular tourist attraction, and for good reason. Make sure you pack your camera for this one.
  • Horseback Tour over Hare Hill – Accommodating for both advanced and beginner horse riders, experience the majestic scenery in Dunedin on horseback. Located on the northern side of the Otago Harbour situated 20 mins drive from Dunedin, Hare Hill is a must see for anyone new to the region.
  • Taieri Gorge Railway – A highly recommended attraction, traverse through the gorge and experience picturesque views by train for close to 1 hour. Aboard the train you are also given a history lesson about the gorge, so this attraction is suitable for tourists and locals alike. Perfect for the family – make sure you also pack your camera for this trip as there are many opportunities to take fantastic photos for the album.