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Find Things To Do in Dunedin

  • Visit Tunnel Beach – Found at the bottom of a short walk across private land, relax on the beach and enjoy the beautiful sandstone formations on this iconic Dunedin beach.
  • Dunedin Chinese Garden – Experience the tranquillity of the Chinese Garden in Dunedin. For a small entry fee, you can explore and discover the beautiful garden and learn about the Chinese architecture, art culture and more. A great place to take the kids or your partner, once you have gone through the garden, be sure to stop off for some Chinese tea and snacks including dumplings, crackers, ice creams and more.
  • Speights Brewery Tour – known as one of Dunedins biggest and most popular icons, The Speight’s Brewery hold an informative tour that will take you through the gravity fed brewery and museum so you can learn about one of NZ’s most popular and original beers. Make sure to stop by the Speight’s Ale House next door for a few cold ones and a generous Southern style meal.