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Join the list of thousands of kiwis who have already used our website to find the cheapest rental cars in Christchurch. Car rental can get expensive very quickly, especially when you hire the rental car for over one week. For this reason, you had better use Compare Car hire to search for cheap car rental in Christchurch so you can save your money for the activities and accommodation in Christchurch. If you are new to the Christchurch area, then see below for a list of top things to do while you are in town.

Top Things to do in Christchurch / Canterbury Region

  • Arthur’s Pass Wilderness Adventure – Wilderness Lodge Arthur’s Pass is on a station located between Christchurch and the West Coast. It is a great way to see the Southern Alps, and is riddled with amazing nature and scenery. Discover, explore and gaze at the spectacular mountain views, birdwatch, star gaze and learn about the rich cultural heritage of the region.
  • White water Rafting – A great way to see some of the best sights in the region. Experience thrills and spills while you are zipping along the white water. Highly recommended for those with adventurous spirit.
  • Mount Cook Day Tour leaving from Christchurch – Discover New Zealand’s tallest mountain Aoraki (Mount Cook) with a day tour from Christchurch. This area is known for its rich pastoral farmland and jaw dropping views. Also see Lake Pukaki in all its glory, or opt for a scenic flight over the alpine region for even more amazing views.
  • Various other attractions include bungy jumping, hot air ballooning, Whale watching, golf + much more.